Welcome to Arthur Deych’s video archive. Below you will find clips of his media appearances, helpful real estate tips, and Arthur’s favorite Boston destinations. 

New Beginnings
Career Options at Red Tree Real Estate
Investment in Fixer Upper Homes
Let Us Do the Work
Ready for a Bigger Home?
Why Should You Buy a Home?
Best of the South End, Boston in Real Estate and Food
Red Tree Holiday Party
Bet on Yourself
Need More Space?
One Warm Coat
Sellers and the Condition of the Market
Buyer Strategy During the Fall Market
Fall Market Expectations
When is a Tax Exchange Right for You?
When Property Investing is Your Income
How Does Tax Exchange Work?
Are There Risks to the 1031 Exchange?
Which Investments are Worth Keeping and Selling
Turning Dreams into Reality
Red Tree Works For YOU
Property Management Services
Agents Work for Everyone
Advice for Moving Day in Boston
Advice to Tenants on Moving Day
Advice to Landlords for Boston’s Big Move-in Day
The Benefits of Selling and Giving Yourself Leverage
How Leverage Worked For Me in Real Estate
Equity & Gaining Leverage to Make It Work for You?
Boston’s Hot Neighborhoods for Investment
How Can You Increase Your Financial Security on
Are Investors Still Buying?
The Market Dance Between Interest Rates and Supply & Demand
What Affects the Sellers’ Market?
Real Estate: What Sells and Who is Buying
Let’s Get You the Space to Grow!
Brighton, Massachusetts is Great for Real Estate
Brighton Bodega Interview
Work with Us!
Brookline Real Estate Market
How a Buyer Can Stand Out
What Seasoned Investors Look For
How to Pick a Realtor
Private Real Estate Sales: Red Tree’s Niche
The Brookline Community
Move with Arthur
Boston’s Hot New Markets
Boston Buying Tips and Strategies

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