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Arthur Deych | Red Tree Real Estate

Since 2005, I have gained a comprehensive insight into the greater Boston area market, including the north shore, south shore, metro west, and central Massachusetts areas.

I judge my personal success by the fulfillment and pride I feel when placing people in homes they love and cherish. The value of being a good person and a guide to some of the biggest investments of people’s lives keeps me motivated and honored to be a part of a great community and beautiful city. Using my extensive network of vendors, contractors, lawyers, mortgage brokers has also provided my clients with significant resources to reach their own goals.

Not only has my level of expertise increased, but recent advances in technology have blown my value as a broker to new proportions. Being a developer of property, seasoned broker, and property manager has given me life lessons on investment properties and an edge over other agents when it comes to renovation difficulty and cost. I find these to be the biggest “X” factors when purchasing property, and I hope to share that knowledge with you during your search and well after.